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Y6 June 20 FORM

Further Details of Y6 provision

  • The Y6 provision will operate Monday to Thursday leaving Friday for deep cleaning and planning
  • The restrictions will unfortunately mean that the curriculum is more formal than normal. Children won't be able to work in groups for example. The planned maths and English curriculum will be followed and some end of year work including contributions to a year book, etc. We know that this is a very strange and unexpected end to our Y6's time in primary school and will try to ease that as much as we can.
  • Home learning will mirror what is being done in school as much as possible but teachers will have less capacity to respond individually.
  • Currently none of the six secondary schools that our children are going to are offering any physical transition work
  • Once we know who is coming back the teachers will organise the bubbles based on their knowledge of the children. These will be sent out on Friday so that everyone knows what time to arrive. We cannot guarantee whole friendship groups being together and do not have the capacity to enter into lengthy discussions about the groupings and who gets which teacher etc.
  • Children will stay in their ten child bubble all the time that they are at school
  • We will always plan sometime outside during the day - for learning and breaks (in bubbles)
  • Children must maintain two metre social distancing - or they cannot be in school
  • Children should wear clean clothes each day - they do not have to wear school uniform - but clothes should be appropriate for school
  • Phones will have to be kept on desks and must be turned off
  • Starting and finishing times will be at ten minute intervals - and must be stuck to
  • On arrival children's temperatures will be taken outside the classroom and anti-bacterial spray will be used
  • If children show Covid-19 symptoms they must be collected from school and have a test. If the result is positive the whole bubble (children and staff) will have to go into isolation
  • Y6 children needing extended provision (before and after school) must remain in the key worker group
  • There will be one way systems around school
  • Each bubble will have an allocated toilet which will be regularly cleaned - only one child will be in the toilet at a time