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Y6 Information for week beginning

8th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you to those people that responded so quickly to the information we sent out earlier in the week. It is a stressful time for all of us. It has been an intense week in school as we have developed a detailed Risk Assessment to cover all eventualities when we bring Y6 children back on Monday. This is a dynamic document so it will evolve as time progresses (see document). It is based on a generic Risk Assessment produced by a specially formed Local Authority group that included LA officers, Trade Unions and school leaders. It has been adapted for our site by the school Leadership Team, all staff and the Chairs of Committees of the Governing Body have been consulted.

The important information that is essential for you to know is contained here. As we have said before this is not how we would ever choose to teach children in school but it ensures that we keep within the government guidelines. We will endeavour to ensure two metre distancing but we cannot guarantee it. These procedures may seem harsh but it is important that you and your children are aware of the expectations before they come to school. These expecations will be returned to with children on Monday morning and as appropriate after that.


  • A ‘bubble’ is a distinct group of children created for their return to school
  • Children will be in bubbles of no more than ten children to ensure distancing in classrooms
  • Bubbles will remain separate at all times during the school day
  • Each bubble will have two members of staff each day who will also only work in one bubble

Arriving and leaving school Monday – Thursday

  • Children will arrive and leave at staggered times so that groups don’t mingle at school gates
  • The times will have to be strictly adhered to - to avoid cross-bubble contamination
  • All children will arrive and leave by the top gate (large gate near the Shakespeare house)
  • Parents and Carers will leave and collect children from outside the gate (unless they are making their own way to and from school)
  • Children will line up on marked spots in front of the sanitisation station where they will apply hand sanitiser and have their temperature taken using a non-contact thermometer which will be staffed by one of the bubble’s adults




Y6 Alpaca



Y6 Buffalo



Y6 Coati



Y6 Dolphin




What to wear and bring

  • Children should wear clean clothes each day so therefore do not have to wear uniform – but clothes should be appropriate for school rather than the beach
  • Children do not have to wear masks but may do so if they wish (these must be provided from home) – they should also wear masks if travelling on public transport
  • Children must bring a full water bottle each day and take the bottle home - these can be refilled at school if necessary during the day but cannot be filled at the start of the day as has often happened in the past
  • If children bring a mobile phone to school they cannot be collected in and kept safe as normal – they must be placed on the child’s desk and be turned off all day (it would be better not to bring one to school)
  • All resources will be provided at school for each child’s personal use so they should not bring pencil cases, soft toys etc
  • Any coats or jumpers will have to be hung on the back of each child’s chair as the cloakrooms will not be used
  • Children can bring a packed lunch to school (cold lunches will be provided for children having a school lunch)
  • Any bikes that are ridden to school must be stored on the top yard as the bike shed will not be used

During the day

  • Children will have a designated personal table where only they will sit
  • Breaks and lunchtimes will be staggered and in bubbles
  • All activities will be non-contact
  • Handwashing and social distancing reminders will be frequent and strictly enforced
  • Each bubble will have a designated toilet and only one child will use it at a time – routes to toilets will be one-way
  • All Y6 children will be following a shared curriculum which will include maths, English and other activities which will be suitable for preparing children to leave primary school
  • Children will have to follow the social distancing regulations that we have in place – repeated non-compliance will mean that the child’s place is withdrawn for everyone’s continued safety
  • Staff will be aware that this could be a time of increased anxiety for all children and monitor this throughout the day – Thrive activities have been designed to help support children

Covid-19 symptoms and First Aid

  • First Aid will be carried out by one designated first aider who will wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  • Children displaying any Covid-19 symptoms will be moved to a ventilated exclusion area in the entrance area of school and parents/carers will be contacted immediately and the child should then be tested – The Newcastle City Council guidance will then be followed (see document)
  • If pupils have a medical or dental appointment they should not come into school on that day to avoid unnecessary movement around school and people in the entrance area

Other information

  • All areas used with children will be cleaned every day – there will be extra cleaning throughout the day including toilets
  • Parents and carers must ensure that school has up-to-date contact details and be contactable throughout the day

We will review how we are operating and continue to communicate with you about and changes or developments.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation,


Miles Wallis-Clarke