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Hotspur Year 3 Reorganisation 2020

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 3 children

Even though we are in a time of uncertainty we are making plans for a return to 'normal' life - hopefully in September or soon after.

At Hotspur we rearrange year groups at the end of Reception and Year 3. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Classes can become imbalanced after Y1 as children leave or join the school, for example, one class may have more boys/girls or children needing support
  • It gives children the chance to make new friends and work with other people
  • It enables children to experience a small change as in three years’ time they will start secondary education and this helps prepare them for that much bigger change

We want children to be happy to enable them to learn effectively, so plan to ensure that they are in a class with at least one person that they have chosen. There are only two classes per year so they are likely to be with half of the children they are currently with. We would like to offer the opportunity for you to name three children that your child would like to be with. It is unlikely that they will be with all of these but it gives us some help in planning the classes and we will ensure that they have at least one of their choices. Current class teachers will be involved in the discussions and we will use the wealth of observations and data that we have to create the new classes.

We understand that this may cause anxiety to some children – please reassure them that this will be handled sensitively and that it has been a positive experience for children in the past. Please complete the form by Wednesday 24th June.

Yours sincerely 

Miles Wallis-Clarke

Head Teacher

Hotspur Year 3 Reorganisation 2020