Parent/Carer Consultations Summer 21

We will be holding parent and carer consultation meetings for children starting on 26th April.  Each class will have one afternoon allocated to them from 1:00–6:00 pm.  As we did in November, the consultations will take place via phone calls made from class teachers to parents and carers. Although we would much prefer to hold face-to-face consultations this is not possible due to the on-going COVID restrictions.   

We are asking you to prioritise these dates as this is already a complex logistical challenge. Please complete the form to let us know if there are any times which are preferable that day. If you are able to be flexible then please choose this option to support other families.  This information will be used to allocate each of you a specific time.  Once a slot has been allocated it cannot be changed.  We will be closing the form at 3 pm on 1st April – after this we will not be able to make any changes.

Due to restrictions this year we will only be able to provide one consultation for each child – i.e. not separate ones for each parent.  Where this is a problem perhaps the parent who didn’t speak to the class teacher in the autumn term could speak to the class teacher this time.

Parent/Carer Consultations Summer 2021

Please let us know any specific issues relating to these consultations in the comments section - we cannot guarantee to meet everyone's requests though. One form will need to be added for each child.