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Welcome to Spotlight on Reading 2021 - the Lockdown special! 

Over the past 5 years Hotspur has celebrated books and reading with our annual Spotlight on Reading event.  This year is no different, we have lots of things planned over the coming weeks, please make sure you check this page every Wednesday for updates.  

Reading Bingo Winners Announced & Final Task Revealed!

Our Favourite Stories

Our staff and their families will be creating storytelling videos of their favourite books for you to enjoy.  Please check back every Wednesday for more stories.

Reading Bingo 

In the package you received through the post this week you will find your 'Reading Bingo' card.  Over the coming weeks it is your job to fill in each section of the card with the name of the book, poem, newspaper, etc.    that you have read.  Once you have a 'full house' please complete          the form below to be entered into a prize draw for some fabulous        book-related prizes.

**Entries must be submitted by Friday 19th February 2021**

(Not So) Wild Reading

Wild Reading, reading outdoors in exciting and interesting places, has been a regular feature of Spotlight on Reading across the past 5 years. Unfortunately, with current Covid-19 restrictions, time outside is limited to once a day for exercise.  We are not going to let that scupper our plans though, instead we would like you to send in creative and imaginative pictures of you reading at home.  This could be reading in an interesting or unusual place, reading dressed as a character in the book or reading to your family or toys.  Let your imagination run wild! Please send your photos to marked 'Wild Reading'.


Here are some examples from previous years for inspiration...