Aims of the Hotspur Curriculum

  • To ensure high academic achievement 
  • To ensure children reach high standards in English and Maths 
  • To offer a rounded, holistic education 
  • To develop core values 
  • To develop generic skills 
  • To encourage children to question and challenge 
  • To develop self-confidence and high self-esteem 
  • To raise awareness of society and community and individual rights and responsibilities 
  • To instil curiosity 
  • To involve parents and carers 
  • To utilise the rich cultural and historic environment surrounding Hotspur 
  • To prepare Hotspur children to make valuable and effective contributions to society 
  • To help children to foster high and varied aspirations 
  • To enable children to become resilient  

Challenging False Polarities
In discussions about curriculum there is often a polarisation between different approaches – eg should we teach in topics or discrete subjects? There is often talk of returning to ‘how we used to do it’. This is misleading as we want the curriculum to build on all the most effective strategies.
It is possible to have: 

  • skills and knowledge not skills or knowledge 
  • direct focused teaching and child led exploration 
  • good standards of attainment and well-rounded learners 
  • a focus on literacy and numeracy and a broad and balanced curriculum 
  • opportunities for the power and passion of specialist teaching and thematic teaching that makes connections between subjects 
  • time to develop some skills regularly and often and time for deep immersive learning over extended periods of time 
  • learning that introduces children to the big ideas and events from the past that have shaped the world and connects learning to the contemporary issues of our times, such as sustainability.