Hotspur Primary School aims to provide a pupil experience based on quality with equality, creativity with rigour and entitlement with diversity. Our stimulating and creative learning environment provides a safe place where children can enjoy their learning and grow into confident individuals and responsible citizens. 

It is very important that children learn to read and write well whilst they are at primary school and gain a good grasp of number and calculations so English and Mathematics are at the centre of our work. We also believe that children should leave in Year 6 knowing what they are good at and what they enjoy – so we give them many different high-quality opportunities whilst they are here including singing, learning instruments, dancing, playing sports, investigating in science, researching in history and geography and creating in art. We want them to gain an understanding of the world they live in so celebrate the diversity of families that come to our school and encourage mutual respect. We are in a fantastic geographical location to access the rich cultural and historical heritage that exists in Newcastle and further afield.

We know that your children are very important to you and aim to nurture them through our holistic approach to learning developing empathy, assurance and self-esteem. We strive for excellence across all aspects of school life and look forward to working in partnership to guide children through these crucial years of their early lives.

Kevin McVittie