Art Ambassadors

Each class has elected an Art Ambassador, the Art Ambassador's role is to celebrate and develop art at Hotspur. This will include visiting galleries, creating new work and sharing good practice across the school. There will be meetings once a month after school for the children to share ideas and experience different art forms.


Our newly appointed Art Ambassadors met for the first time to take part in a puppetry workshop with Moving Parts Arts.

It was a fun afternoon for all children involved and everyone went home with their own puppet!


Our Art Ambassadors created a Manifesto for Art at Hotspur. They discussed how we could make Hotspur an even more creative place to learn. Here's what they came up with:


The Hotspur Art Ambassadors visited The NewBridge Project, Shieldfield and took part in a workshop with local artist Laura Harrington. They created some lovely art work and explored the question, where do our clothes come from?
We look forward to working with both Laura and the NewBridge Project more as the year progresses.