The Friends of Hotspur Primary School organise events and fundraising opportunities throughout the year. Revenue raised through these activities enables the school to plan a range enriching experiences for its pupils.  Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions many of our regular fundraising activities have not been able to take place this year, donations can still be made through the online Friends of Hotspur shop (see below).

Family Fund

We are very excited to launch our new Friends of Hotspur Family Fund.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has put huge additional pressures on family life, particularly some of the financial implications that lockdown restrictions have created; changes to working arrangements, redundancy and additional time with children at home. 

We have created the Family Fund to assist families who need a helping hand when it matters the most.

Please click on the Family Fund logo (right) to find out more.  

Friends of Hotspur Shop

Our online fundraising shop can be found here.  The shop was set up to raise funds for Friends of Hotspur throughout the pandemic time, when regular in-school activities have not been possible.  As well as being able to make donations, we are still selling our commemorative 'Where is Mr Wallis-Clarke?' tea towels.  Priced at £4, the tea towels feature self portraits of children from across the school.

Play Structure

Our fundraising towards installing a new play structure for the school grounds was a huge success earlier this year.  Thanks to everyone's efforts the structure was able to be completed in May and now that school is reopen children can begin to enjoy it!  I wonder what our next project will be?!

Friends of Hotspur mailing List

If you are interested in volunteering for Friends of Hotspur activities, or want to keep up-to-date with upcoming events please complete the form below.