Adopted Children & Children in Care


We are an inclusive school and believe that all children should be given opportunities to grow and prosper. We are committed to giving Children in Care and Adopted children at Hotspur the chance to reach their educational potential, by shaping an education that helps them to reach their aspirations.   

We work in a multi-agency way with Newcastle Virtual School, Children's Social Care and other partners to ensure that all Children in Care's needs are met. Each child has a bespoke, personalised education plan (EPEP) that is child-centred and reflects their true needs and wishes.    


At Hotspur our Designated Teachers for Children in Care are:



                                  Steve Crosthwaite                                                                                                             Kim Spraggon

                         Learning & Equalities Champion                                                                                         Assistant Headteacher 

                         & Leader of Extended Services