Hotspur Entitlement

During their time at Hotspur all children will:

  • find out what they are good at
  • be treated with respect by staff who will care for them as individuals
  • be helped to develop high self esteem
  • be encouraged to develop positive relationships with others in school
  • develop resilience 
  • gain understanding and respect for others regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, gender, gender reassignment, social class, marital status, family status, family structure, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, disability, age or any condition or requirement that places a person at a disadvantage
  • develop Hotspur’s Core Values so that they can be principled, honest, generous, creative, inclusive, industrious, respectful, individual, curious, courageous and resilient
  • experience cross-curricular, stimulating, relevant and challenging learning


They will also have the opportunity to:

  • learn and play in a fantastic and extensive outdoor environment
  • learn French throughout KS2
  • work with a professional writer
  • participate in extended maths investigations
  • plant fruit and vegetables in the school allotment and then cook and eat the crops 
  • take part in a large scale design and technology focused project 
  • take part in outdoor learning in each year 
  • have the opportunity to participate in a residential learning experience
  • experience the Y5 outdoor week
  • make carbon pledges that have a positive impact on the environment
  • make meaningful contact with children in other parts of the country and world
  • work in the Ouseburn Valley, the Quayside, Newcastle City Centre, at the coast, on Hadrian’s Wall and in a contrasting location 
  • use the rich historical and cultural environment around Hotspur to gain understanding about how people’s lives in the past have influenced society today
  • take part in a play
  • learn an instrument 
  • sing in a concert
  • work with a professional artist
  • join the choir
  • fundraise for charities and school activities
  • take part in a range of after school clubs to develop interests in drama, dance, music, art, sports, ICT, crafts and cooking.

In line with our Community Cohesion and Equalities Scheme we will ensure that all children receive their entitlement irrespective of their ability to pay or family circumstances.