Thank you for expressing an interest in volunteering at Hotspur. The value of well-deployed volunteers in Schools is now widely recognised and we want to ensure that we can maximise the experience for you and the staff and children at Hotspur.

There are different aspects of the school day that you may wish to volunteer for including:

  • Classroom support
  • Break times including lunchtime
  • Extra-curricular clubs
  • After school childcare
  • Homework clubs
  • Holiday childcare

The range of experiences that children at Hotspur are offered is vast and includes traditional learning as well as use of our extensive grounds and the local area. Some volunteers want to get experience prior to applying for a teaching course and others might want a contrast to their normal work. Whatever the reason we want to ensure that we place you where there will be most benefit.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill complete our volunteer information form here. The form will be forwarded to the appropriate member of staff and if they are able to accommodate you they will contact you directly.

Please be aware that demand for volunteer placements is high and unfortunately we can not offer placements to everyone that applies.