Nursery Closure Resources

During the time that the school is closed we will be using this page to offer ideas for home learning and other ways of keeping in touch with school staff.


Hi Hotspur Family! 

Welcome to our Nursery page, we have been focusing on our What’s cooking? topic, so if you can carry on exploring recipes and making some delicious food that would be great. I’m sorry that we didn’t get chance to create our Chocolate pizzas maybe you could make one at home. 

All of your special people should have access to our Tapestry portal, I have sent you some video messages and I will continue to do this so please keep checking in.  This way you can share lovely pictures and videos of your activities with myself, Miss Milward and Miss Brown.  


Web links

This is our favorite Alphabet song — Can you sing the song to your special people? What’s the sound in your name? Can you write the first letter? Which other sounds are in your name? Can you identify any other words that start with your first sound?

This is our number song— Can you sing it and find your number? Can you practice writing  the numbers?  Can you go on a number hunt? Can you find 1 more,  1 less than any number?


These are some of the games which we like to play in the big computer:

We work at phase 1 and love the rhyming games and initial sounds games like making smoothies:

This is another great site which we love taking turns using.


This is our yoga session which we love ❤️ It’s a compilation and we have been focusing on our balance and strength — we work on three poses per session.

Weekly Updates


Week 1 

Hi to all the Hotspur Nursery Family

I've enjoyed keeping in touch with you using the Tapestry portal, so please spread the word to all your friends to keep sharing your unique home learning journeys. I cant wait to hear which are your favourite TV shows today.

Here's a great Scavenger hunt for you to try with your families in your garden, backyards or when you go out for a walk.

I can't do one (because I don't have any chalk!) but if you have some and tape it would be great to create chalk shapes and patterns to brighten your day.

Have fun Nursery and get onto Tapestry to share your discoveries- Me and my big dog Nova will see you there x




A fun activity for you do to during our home learning this week, is to create a beautiful rainbow picture and display it in your bedroom window.  We can help anyone who is out exercising to feel happy!