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Year 1 Closure Resources

During the time that the school is closed we will be using this page to offer ideas for home learning and other ways of keeping in touch with school staff. If you want to send pictures of anything you have been doing at home, please post on the school Facebook page, Twitter or email

Activities - Updated Week Beginning 30.3.20

Week Beginning 30.3.20

English- Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Remind yourself of the Goldilocks story with our song. Try singing and acting it out along with us!

Sentence Detectives

Help Year 1! I need my Sentence Detectives. Mr Webster has written some text about Goldilocks but he has forgotten capital letters,full stops and has spelled tricky words wrong. Please can you fix it ?

once upon a time ther was a litle girl called goldilocks hoo lived in a village Won sunny morning goldilocks went for a walk in the forrest. she sir a littl cottage and went in im hungry sed golidlocks


Maths - Weight and Volume 

Continue and try some of our maths problems

Science- Caterpillars

Say hello to our new caterpillars! We have five lovely caterpillars but we need your help to think of some names ! Can you include an adjective in your name? For example:

Gorgeous Mrs Garrett
Wicked Mr Webster

Week Beginning 23.3.20

Maths-  Measurement: Weight and Volume  

Introducing weight and mass, heavier or lighter, balance scales. 

  • Get a range of objects, predict which is heavier or lighter, compare and put them in order of heaviest to lightest
  • Create some balance scales (something similar to a seesaw) to test which object is heaviest
  • Online games looking at balance scales, choosing heaviest and lightest

 Introducing volume and capacity, full, empty, greater than, less than, measuring cylinders (measuring jugs). 

  • Fill different containers with water, which has the biggest volume?
  • Predict and test how many 'cups' of water it takes to fill a jug of water
  • Draw different containers, full, empty, less/ more full/empty
  • Online games looking at capacity and volume 


English-  Story Writing: Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Children have learned the story of Goldilocks, our next step is to turn it into a brand new story including the words first, next and finally. 

  • Choose and draw some new characters and a setting for the story. Can you think of some adjectives to describe your characters and settings?
  • Draw a story map of your story which is similar to Goldilocks. For example a bird which has flown into a tree belonging to three squirrels. First the bird ate the giants birds acorn but it was too salty... etc. 
  • Write small parts of the story, some sentences with missing words for children to add


Children all work in different groups for their phonics lesson. Use the supplied phonics booklets to practise a phase 5 sound everyday. Phonics Play has made all of their resources and games free to practise reading tricky words and games to practise reading sounds also.



 Recently we carried out an investigation on friction, deciding which surface had the most friction when a toy car travelled on it. 

  • Recreate the investigation in your own home finding new surfaces or new objects to push/ roll on the surfaces. Which has the most friction? Which has the least friction? Why?
  • Draw a diagram of the investigation 
  • Write a table of results measuring how far the object travelled on each surface


Project - Italy, Pizza,Pasta and Ice Cream

 We are starting to look at famous building in Italy, research some of the famous structures and try recreate them by drawing or building with Lego/ Duplo.

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Weekly Updates - Updated Week Beginning 30.3.20

Week Beginning 30.3.20

Handa's Surprise


Research the animals in the story, where do they live and what do they eat?

This story is set in Africa (the continent Mrs Garrett and Miss Marsh are from) in the country Kenya. Can you find it on a map? What might be different if you lived there?



Conjunction Game

Can you finish these sentences that use conjunctions?

Handa ran away and ...

Handa ran away because ...

Handa ran away but ...

Week Beginning 23.3.20


Hello Year 1,

We are missing you lots and hope you are still having lots of fun learning at home. Here are a few videos from us in case you have forgotten our faces and voices, sharing a story and a song


Mr Webster and Mrs Garrett

The Tiger Who Came to Tea


If you had an animal come for tea what animal would you like and why?

There were lots of adjectives to describe the tiger, can you think of some more to describe the tiger or your animal?

Try and re-tell the story (or act it out) to somebody in your house.

Little Peter Rabbit


Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose

Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose

Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose

So he flipped it and he flopped it till the fly flew away


Floppy ears and curly whiskers

Floppy ears and curly whiskers

Floppy ears and curly whiskers

And he flipped it and he flopped it till the fly flew away


Try singing it again but miss out some of the action words like rabbit or nose.

Can you come up with some actions of your own?

Make up some words of your own!