Welcome to our English curriculum page, here you will find out more about our approach to grammar, spellings and writing (if you would like to find out more about phonics and reading please take a look at those curriculum pages.) We take a Talk for Writing approach in our English lessons, this is based on the principles of how people learn. The children move through an imitation phase to innovation to independent application and this can adapted to suit the needs of all our children at any stage. 


To get a taste of the Talk for Writing process have a look at the chart below. Our baseline assessment is known as the Cold Write and the children's final piece is known as their Hot Write. If you would like to find out a bit more take a look at their website.




We have adopted the No Nonsense Spelling programme which takes a little and often approach. Below you will see some of the strategies our children use to remember spellings.


We use Letter Join and our children adopt a cursive style from KS1.

If you would like to support your child at home with handwriting please take a look at the Letter-join home guide below. 

 Letter-join home guide.pdfDownload
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