Reading is at the heart of our curriculum at Hotspur, not only do the children have dedicated reading sessions which include Read Write Inc (RWI), reading for pleasure and developing reading skills, we also promote reading in all areas of the curriculum.

Our children begin their reading journey with RWI which provides a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics and reading skills (to read more about phonics and how Read Write Inc works please see our Phonics page). When the children have completed RWI they will receive an Oxford Owl book and be able to take part in Oxford Reading Buddy Quizzes as part of their reading lessons in school. All RWI and Oxford Owl books are available to read online using your child's Oxford Owl login, if you have any problems please contact the class teacher. The books offer a range of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and play scripts and in addition the children will all have access to a library book. We encourage you to read with your children and help them to discover a love of reading.

Below you will find the Read Write Inc book bands and the Oxford Owl levels.


To help ignite a life long love of learning every year we return to school in January and take part in a Spotlight on Reading. This might include a range of reading challenges from sharing whole school texts to wild reading, exploring different genres to reading in family groups. To find out more about our Spotlight on Reading please click the image above.

This year has seen the introduction of a brand new Core Canon. This is a carefully selected range of age-appropriate texts that include picture books, classics and essentials that the children will share over the year. If you would like to explore our Core Canon please click on the image above.


In addition to reading for pleasure, once the children have completed Read Write Inc and move onto Oxford Owl, our children will be exposed to a number of shorter quality texts to explore in detail and develop their comprehension skills. We use Complete Comprehension which teaches the children specific reading skills such as summary, retrieval and inference.