Our Governors

Hotspur Primary School is a foundation trust school which is run by an elected governing body working to support the overall education and development of the pupils.

Governors are involved in:

  • planning the future strategic direction of the school;

  • monitoring and evaluating the progress of the school against these plans, including inter alia, the annual School Development plan, the three year rolling Strategic plan for the development of the school and all policies on aspects of the school’s work;

  • setting the annual and three year budgets and monitoring expenditure against the budget on a regular basis;

  • monitoring and evaluating the effective operation of the school’s Community Cohesion and Equalities policy;

  • supporting and challenging the school staff team;

  • ensuring that the performance of teachers and of the Headteacher is managed and reviewed in accordance with the regulations and the school’s Appraisal policy;

  • being accountable to Parents/Carers, the Local Authority, the Department for Education and others for the school’s performance; and

  • ensuring all statutory duties are carried out.

In order to carry out this work Governors:

  • work closely with the school staff team;

  • have three full Governing Body meetings a year; once in each term;

  • work on committees to which the Governing Body has delegated key areas of responsibility;

  • attend training; and

  • visit the school.

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