This QUEST Celebration film marks the end of the QUEST - it is a brand new song that will become part of the Hotspur Core Repertoire and features some of the highlights of the last six weeks!

                                      Week Six                                         

We are now in the FINAL stage of the QUEST.

QUEST Tasks: Week 6

  • Watch the two videos 
    • How did the people react to each other?
    • What did the Kings realise?
  • Plan your family's contribution to the celebration - send photos or films of these to so that they can be included in a final film. This could include:
    • A cake or other food for a feast
    • A costume to wear
    • A song
    • A piece of music 
    • A play
    • A dance
    • Bunting
    • A demonstration of football skills
    • A gymnastic display
    • A joke or comedy routine
    • A picture
    • A speech about how the future united Hotspur could operate -
      • how should it be governed?
      • what should the guiding principles be? 

These are just examples - you might have a completely different idea - that is fantastic!


                                      Week Five                                       

Here are some of the musical compositions put together for crossing the bridge by DJ Sara and some singing by Ali and his mam.

Quest Tasks: Week 5

 Watch the two videos. One is about fighting the dragon in Effrenous. The other  uses the map as the stimulus for a musical tour around Usthorp. Use these as a basis for a creative activity:

  • Write a description of a walk around Usthorp? What would you see, hear, smell and touch? Who might you meet? Where would you most like to visit?
  • Create a script - perhaps you might like to act it out and even video yourself doing it - adding another character who doesn't want to fight the dragon - what would their excuse be?
  • Now that there is going to be a bridge to Effrenous imagine what it will be like when people from Usthorp go over it. Talk about what they might experience - will it be positive or negative - what do you think?
  • There have been some fabulous models of bridges - some of which have included dragons. Make your own model of how you imagine the dragon.

                                      Week Four                                      

Quest Tasks: Week 4

Watch the King make the announcement about the referendum outcome.

We now need to build a bridge across the wall that separates Usthorp from Effrenous.

  • Design or design and make a bridge out of things that you have at home
  • Draw or paint a picture of your favourite bridges 
  • Record/film your own version of 'Building Bridges'. There are two tracks that might help you.
    • One has lily Clarke singing it as a two-part round - you could sing along.
    • The other is a backing track - you could sing along to this a family - see how many parts you can do it in
    • Alternatively there are two chords F minor and C minor - you could create your own family version 

Building bridges between our divisions

I reach out to you, will you reach out to me?

With all of our voices, and all of our vision

Friends we shall make such sweet harmony


Here are some of the activities you completed as part of the referendum campaign.


Email any photos or documents of your QUEST activities to

                                      Week Three                                     

The hard work of Hotspurites last week, sharing book covers, ways to feel happy and keeping active.

QUEST Tasks - Week 3

You all had great ideas about how to cheer up the people of Effrenous. This week, however we have heard that some people in Usthorp don't trust the people of Effrenous because of things they have been told that happened in the past. 

What do you think?

  • Watch the videos - could you record your thoughts about helping or not helping the people of Effrenous
  • Write a letter about your thoughts to the Usthorpian Herald
  • Make a poster illustrating what you think 

You should have received a copy of the Usthorpian Herald in the post this week.

  • Read the 12 page newspaper - what do you think
  • Do some of the activities
  • Complete the Referendum voting slip

Email any photos or documents of your QUEST activities to 

                                       Week Two                                       

QUEST Tasks - Week 2

Choose the activities that you would most like to do - you’re not expected to do all of them. If everyone does a little we will have lots of ideas to help the people of Effrenous.

  • Watch the video with messages from Christina and Kristoff from Effrenous and Theodora Thrive
  • Call a meeting of your family group and talk about the video:
    • Can you think of a time you were sad?
    • How do you make yourself feel happier - is an activity, a piece of music, thinking about memories, meditating? 
    • What do you do at school or home to become more resilient?
  • How could you communicate this to the people of Effrenous? (You could draw a picture, make a video, write about it...)
  • Can you design or make a friendship bracelet like the one Theodora showed you? 

If you are a bit stuck you could look at the THRIVE page for help

The Lady of the Seven Books

  • Watch the video from the Lady of the Seven Books. Remember books are a great way to make us feel happier. Recreate the cover of one of your favourite books and photograph it. We can show these to the people from Effrenous. 

The Fitness Fanatics

  • Walk, run or cycle to one of your favourite places for some daily exercise

Email any photos or documents of your QUEST activities to 

We know that there were some fabulous activities last week from all the Hotspurites. See some of the flags and luggage labels that people created last week.

                                      Week One                                        

Quest Tasks - Week 1

  • Look at the map and work out where the places are 
    • What can you see?
    • What do you notice?
    • What do you wonder?
  • Have you any idea what the QUEST might be about?
  • Choose a QUEST name for your family or the people living in your home. You might like this to be an anagram of your normal names like some of the places on the map - or you might have other ideas!
  • Choose a family QUEST motto that will help you through the QUEST and keep you resilient. You might like to include some of the Hotspur Core Values.
  • Design and create a family flag. You could use the template in the envelope - or you may have other ideas. You could display the flag in your window so that other Hospurites can see it if they are walking past.
  • Write you family name and motto on the luggage label. if you live near to school, and are able, you could tie this to the main entrance school gates. If this is not possible you could post it to school and we will tie it on for you - or just put it somewhere that you feel is special.  

Email any photos of your QUEST activities to 

To access any of the documents that came in the post click HERE

Other QUEST activities

If you still want to do more activities linked to the QUEST before you get the next instructions here are some more ideas:

  • When you've worked out what everything is on the map think of other places you would like to add. What new names would you give them?
  • Could you draw your own map?
  • Could you turn the map into a 3D model? Or perhaps create it digitally using your coding skills?
  • You could keep your own diary of The QUEST - write your first entry today - record all your initial thoughts so that you can look back at the end or share it with someone else.
  • Could you make your own video playing the part of Talgon - or act it out to other people at home?
  • Draw or paint a portrait of Talgon showing his wonderful hair and fantastic clothes - or of course you could re-imagine everything about Talgon.